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The Ultimate Guide to Exceptional Products in the US

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Glamily empowers beauty, fashion, and lifestyle enthusiasts to crown their faves through nominations, the AI identifying trending items across the internet, expert reviews, and user ratings, culminating in a definitive ranking of the hottest products in the US.

How it works


Glamily invites users to nominate their favorite products, putting the power in the hands of the community.


The Glamily marketing AI identifies the most popular or trending products across the internet.


Marketers submit their products for consideration to Glamily. You may reach out to Emma Green.

Expert Validation

Glamily extends industry experts, seasoned professionals, and elite creators to meticulously assess products. The evaluators thoughtfully share their insights and the entire evaluation journey on Glamily and social media platforms. This immersive process includes hands-on testing, comprehensive reviews, and in-depth assessments of each product's performance.


Members of the Glamily community, which includes beauty, fashion, and lifestyle enthusiasts and consumers, submit reviews and ratings for the products they have tried.


Products are ranked based on a combination of factors, including the number of reviews received, the average rating, and possibly other criteria determined by Glamily.


The ranking system reflects the popularity and effectiveness of the products among consumers, experts, professionals, and elite creators living in the US.

The Glamily Best of Beauty 2024 Submission Guidelines

Want to get your products endorsed by the industry experts and shine brighter with the Glamily Best of Product seal? Here's everything you need to know about submitting your products for our Best of Beauty Awards.


Glamily is the rapidly growing video review platform in the US, where AI meets passion, empowering everyone to discover their next holy grail. At Glamily, our entire team is obsessed with helping our users find the best things. In addition to relying on our enthusiastic consumers and elite creators, we tap some of the top experts in the industry — like celebrity makeup artists and world-class physicians — to inform and empower our users to make the best purchasing decisions.


Ready to join the ranks of our beauty heroes? Let your product showcase its magic! Submit today to Emma Green. Before you begin, please read the important notes below.


  • Submit any product available for purchase in 2024.

  • Main Best of Beauty categories: Skin, Body, Hair, Makeup, Nails, Tools, and Scent.

  • Following the submission review, we'll contact you for sample testing.


Questions? Feel free to email us.


Thank you, and may the best of beauty win!

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