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Glamily is one of the most cost-effective growth channels.

Over 300 brands in cosmetics, skincare, beauty tools, wellness, clothing, home decor, and so on, have enrolled in Glamily in trackable sales delivering creator marketing programs at scale.

Generate authentic product reviews 

Go through all the reviews across the web in any format and analyze them for you, giving you a snapshot of the overall “sentiments” people feel about the product. Help you make decisions on real users’ feedback.

Customer acquisition and retention
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Quickly build product awareness in a sizable community on social media through generating authentic, engaging, and compelling content from creators.

Simultaneously, boost sales, reach new audiences, drive lead generation, and improve brand loyalty and advocacy.

Review analysis
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Target and acquire more ideal customers to grow revenues, increase profits, and drive a higher ROI from your campaigns. Helps you get closer to your customers by providing a more personalized experience to increase layout-to-value and reduce churn by serving the right recommendations, at the right time, via the right channel.

Let's partner up!

Partnering with Glamily puts your branded products in the hands of passionate, relatable Key Opinion Consumers who present engaging, honest video reviews.

Our partnership model makes it easy for you to get live with social commerce and get the community talking about your brand. Get in touch and say hello!

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