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Glamily challenges

  • Q: How can I earn more points on the Glamily APP?

A: There are many different ways for you to earn points. You can earn points through posting viral posts, referral friends, participating in content creation challenges, and with more interactions with Glamily! Check out this page for more details.


Join the Glamily movement and nominate your favorite products in the US! Share videos featuring your must-haves to champion the brands you adore and ignite inspiration in others!


Here's how to participate:

• Upload videos on the Glamily App using the hashtag #GlamilyBest and tag the product(s).

• Tag @glamilyofficial on Instagram for a chance to be featured.


Every week, we'll select up to 100 of the most engaging high-quality videos to award 🎁1000 bonus points and 5 bonus experiences🎁


Explore more about Glamily Best and join us in celebrating the best of beauty and beyond!

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