Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Who qualifies to be an ambassador?

A: Any influencer can qualify to become a Glamily ambassador! We consider number of followers as well as overall engagement when selecting ambassadors.

  • Q: How is an ambassador different from a regular user?

A: As an ambassador, we would rely on you to provide feedback to improve and promote Glamily. In return, ambassadors will receive greater benefits as appreciation for their efforts.

  • Q: Who can qualify for the ambassador gifts?

A: Only those who receive an invitation directly from Glamily are able to redeem ambassador gifts. Exemptions may be provided on a case-by-case basis which you should dm the Glamily Instagram account @glamilyofficial for. Other users can continue to rely on our main services for free gifts!

  • Q: How many gifts listed in this page am I getting?

A: You're able to redeem one set of the gift combinations we've selected for you. There are different gifts as described in our catalog, and some include multiple pieces, for example, you get multiple earrings instead of only 1 pair. All gifts are chosen at random from the list of pictures presented and more.

  • Q: Where can I tell Glamily what gifts I want?

A: After you've downloaded the app and finished your Glamily Ambassador Challenge, follow us on Instagram @glamilyofficial! From there you can simply DM us the gift set you want and then confirm your shipping address using the Glamily app.

  • Q: What are the posts I have to make?

A: Upon downloading our app, detailed instructions will guide you towards making your first Glamily posts! You are able to post content you've created beforehand so long as they meet our requirements.

  • Q: What free products are available through Glamily?

A: For some examples, feel free to scroll to right above this FAQ section for pictures! A multitude of makeup and glamour products are available as part of our app with more offerings always on the way!

  • Q: Resolving disputes...

A: Glamily reserves final authority over its rules and guidelines. You should always look to this FAQs section for guidance first, and if you ever still need clarification feel free to dm us on Instagram @glamilyofficial.

  • Q: Is there a deadline for my Glamily ambassador application?

A: There is no specific deadline by which you should submit your application.

This said, we suggest that you apply as soon as possible given the possibility of us running out of gifts, whereas those ambassadors accepted late will be unable to receive any. Late ambassadors, however, as always, are able to earn free gifts through Glamily's normal features.

  • Q: Do I need to provide any personal payment information to Glamily for gifts redeem?

A: No. Glamily never ask anyone for the personal payment information. Everything from GLAMILY is free, including shipping