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Half of the most popular beauty brands among Americans are owned by Estee Lauder or L'Oréal

2022 August

The cosmetics giant L'Oréal spent some 10.59 billion Euros on advertising and promotions worldwide in 2021, up from 8.65 billion Euros spent in 2020


How big is the beauty industry?


Globally, the industry is strong and only getting stronger.


In a complicated global context, the cosmetics market made a strong recovery in 2021, returning to 2019 levels. Up from $483B in 2020 to $511B in 2021 — and with an annual compounded growth rate of 4.75% worldwide — it’s predicted to exceed $716B by 2025. And $784.6B by 2027.


Consumer demand increased across the board, with the luxury and dermo-cosmetics segments enjoying particular success. The strong potential for growth in consumer demand is driven by the rise of the middle- and upper-income classes, as well as the growing number of senior citizens and an expanding urban population.


In the United States, L’Oréal is the most valuable cosmetics company.


How do shoppers discover cosmetics brands and products?


Social media is one of the leading ways customers discover beauty brands, allowing brands to establish trust with their customers and market their products appropriately.


It’s estimated that 33% of shoppers typically find out via recommendations and comments made on social media platforms.


In addition, 66% of customers discover brands on social media thanks to updates on the brand’s social media pages and posts from creators.


The top 30 beauty brands in the US, ranked by search volume


The United States accounts for 24% of the value of the global cosmetics industry in 2021. According to a study commissioned by Groupon, American women spend, on average, $313 a month on cosmetics, or $3,756 a year. Meanwhile, American men spend, on average, $244 a month on cosmetics, or $2,928 a year — 22% less than women.


Glamily, a creator SaaS platform that uses intelligent solutions made possible by AI technology to connect creators, brands, and consumers more efficiently, has crunched the numbers to discover the most popular beauty brands in the United States.


To do this, we used Google Keyword Planner to collect the annual US searches for each brand from the same extensive list of thousands of beauty brands used for the Glamily Index. This allowed us to rank them in terms of most-searched, which we used as a measure of popularity.


  1. The Body Shop, 8.1M annual searches.

  2. M.A.C cosmetics, part of the Estée Lauder Companies since 1994, 6.7M annual searches.

  3. Olaplex, 6.6M annual searches.

  4. Lush, 6.5M annual searches.

  5. Glossier, 5.5M annual searches.

  6. Colourpop, 5.4M annual searches.

  7. Bobbi Brown, part of the Estée Lauder Companies since 1995, 4.5M annual searches.

  8. CeraVe, part of the L'Oréal Companies since 2017, 4.4M annual searches.

  9. Chanel Beauty, 3.8M annual searches.

  10. Clinique, part of the Estée Lauder Companies since 1968, 3.6M annual searches.

  11. Charlotte Tilbury, 3.5M annual searches.

  12. Kiehl's, part of the L'Oréal Companies since 2000, 3.4M annual searches.

  13. Estee Lauder, was founded in 1946, 3.0M annual searches.

  14. Benefit, 2.9M annual searches.

  15. Morphe, 2.8M annual searches.

  16. The Ordinary, part of the Estée Lauder Companies since 2021,2.6M annual searches.

  17. La Roche Posay, part of the L'Oréal Companies since 2018, 2.5M annual searches.

  18. Fenty Beauty, 2.4M annual searches.

  19. Dior Beauty, 2.3M annual searches.

  20. Lancome, part of the L'Oréal Companies since 1964, 2.0M annual searches.

  21. Giorgio Armani Beauty, part of the L'Oréal Companies since 2018, 1.9M annual searches.

  22. Rare beauty, 1.8M annual searches.

  23. Kylie Cosmetics, 1.7M annual searches.

  24. It Cosmetics, part of the L'Oréal Companies since 2016, 1.6M annual searches.

  25. Tarte Cosmetics, 1.5M annual searches.

  26. Beautycounter, 1.45M annual searches.

  27. e.l.f. Cosmetics, 1.4M annual searches.

  28. L'Oréal, was founded in 1909, 1.35M annual searches.

  29. Too Faced, part of the Estée Lauder Companies since 2016, 1.3M annual searches.

  30. Maybelline New York, part of the L'Oréal Companies since 1996, 1.25M annual searches.

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