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From Swap Meets to Global Beauty Empire: The Inspirational Journey of Beauty Creations CEO Esmeralda Hernandez

By Lisa Stanford 
January 16, 2024

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Why it's Encouraging:


  • The beauty industry is thriving with sales primarily dominated by multinational giants. Entrepreneur Esmeralda Hernandez achieved remarkable success, growing her brand, Beauty Creations, into a $60 million business operating in nearly 40 countries. Her success lies in identifying overlooked opportunities in the market, particularly in catering to the needs of people of color.

  • Hernandez took the path of bootstrapping her business, establishing and expanding her brand without relying on external investors. 

  • And Beauty Creations isn't stopping there. Their expansion into skincare shows they're committed to evolving with their customers, offering holistic beauty solutions for a wider audience. Hernandez's story is a powerful testament to the fact that anyone, regardless of background or resources, can dream big and achieve remarkable things in the beauty industry - and beyond.

Beauty Creations Founder and CEO Esmeralda Hernandez

"We want to make sure when we’re going to bring something to the market that it’s not going to break the bank."
by Esmeralda Hernandez, CEO of Beauty Creations

In the vast landscape of beauty and cosmetics, few stories resonate as powerfully as that of Esmeralda Hernandez, the trailblazing CEO behind the sensational success of Beauty Creations. Born in Mexico, immigrating to the United States at the age of nine, and carving a remarkable path from humble beginnings to leading a global beauty empire, Hernandez's journey is a testament to resilience, hard work, and a passion for making beauty accessible to all.


Hernandez's entrepreneurial spirit emerged at a young age. By 12, she was already working alongside her single mother at L.A. county swap meets, selling everything from Barbie dolls to hair products. It was during this time that she learned the value of hard work and face-to-face connections, skills that would later shape her success in the beauty industry.


At 15, while selling perfumes and hair care products, Hernandez noticed a gap in the market. She envisioned cosmetics specifically tailored to fellow Latinas, characterized by whimsical and colorful packaging, that didn’t cost a fortune. This revelation marked the beginning of Beauty Creations, founded in 2016 with a commitment to inclusivity and low price point.

“My goal was to create an accessible and affordable beauty company for all,” Hernandez says of her company. “I envisioned a beauty brand that was cuter than the competition at the time. Many other brands were branded with black packaging, and I wanted to stand apart from the rest. That was the inspiration for me choosing pink as our signature color.”

Six Years of Beauty Creations: A Milestone Journey

Smartly catering to value-minded consumers, Beauty Creations' strategic moves helped them achieve a $17 million boost in revenue, reaching $60 million in 2023, and expanding its influence across 38 countries.


Now headquartered in a state-of-the-art facility in Santa Fe Springs, the brand’s corporate offices and distribution center have a lab for development and in-house manufacturing. They also have two retail stores, in the Del Amo Fashion Center and Los Cerritos Center malls.

A Glimpse into Beauty Creations HQ

Beauty Creations continued to innovate, expanding its product range to include a diverse collection of skincare products. The launch of BeautyCreations SKIN marked a new chapter, offering a nine-piece Korean skincare system, featuring products such as a cleansing balm, toner pads, and a rejuvenating moisturizer. Affordably priced between $5 and $14, these new additions aim to make luxury skincare accessible for everyone. The brand's commitment to quality, seen in products infused with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, showcases its dedication to meeting customer needs.


 Beauty Creations The Nine-Step Skincare Collection Bundle

"We've dedicated two years to perfecting this skincare collection," Hernandez emphasizes. "It is made in Korea and we wanted to make sure that we were going to give something to the consumer that was going to really work. Quality is our priority. If you’re a makeup girl, you want to remove your makeup, it’s so important. "

Beauty Creations introduces SKIN!

"I feel honored to potentially pave the way for other aspiring entrepreneurs and show them that anything is possible with passion, resilience, and a clear vision."
by Esmeralda Hernandez, CEO of Beauty Creations

“Watching our company grow from selling a handful of products to thousands has been incredible. Starting as a family-owned business, we have grown so much,” Hernandez shares, adding that getting there hasn’t always been easy. “Being taken seriously in a male-dominated manufacturing industry was a major challenge, but I didn’t let that stop me. Having my voice heard and expressing my vision was very important to me. Lastly, as a Latina businesswoman, being a source of inspiration for other women, especially within the Hispanic community, is profoundly rewarding. I feel honored to potentially pave the way for other aspiring entrepreneurs and show them that anything is possible with passion, resilience, and a clear vision.”

Must-haves from Beauty Creations

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