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Community Guidelines

Glamily is committed to building a safe, authentic platform for personal expression and inspiration alike. This includes ensuring our platform is both inclusive and diverse across all cultures and beliefs. The top priority of our platform is creating what we believe to be a safe environment. Only with such an environment do we believe that everyone in our community can feel comfortable sharing their ideas and expressing themselves openly.

We want you to join with us in supporting the Glamily Community so that it can continue to be a high-quality sharing space. By using Glamily, you agree to the following, as well as our Terms of Service. Any content or messages that violate our Community Guidelines will be deleted, while severe and/or repeat offenders may have their accounts restricted, deleted, or otherwise punished; Glamily reserves the right to take actions appropriate and consistent with user offenses. In some cases, we may even report content to the relevant legal authorities.

Follow the law

  • Terrorist, Crime, and Hate Organizations

Glamily condemns any support or praise for terrorist, criminal, and/or hate organizations. Any such content will not be tolerated and may result in a permaban.

  • Nudity and Sexually Explicit Content

Please do not post pornographic content. This includes, but is not limited to sexual intercourse, genitalia, and nude buttocks in any form, either digitally captured or graphically created. 

At times, we may provide exceptions, primarily for breastfeeding and nudity of an artistic or creative nature, as well as for nudity in non-pornographic art. Use your discretion.

  • Protecting Minors

Glamily will actively seek to protect the safety of its underage users and has zero tolerance for any promotion or support of child abuse, child nudity, and sexual exploitation of minors in any other form, not to mention behavior it believes is sexual child grooming behavior. Any such behavior will result in an immediate permaban as well as the relevant legal authorities being contacted.

  • Fraud, Gambling, and Regulated Goods

Glamily will not support fraudulent activity on its platform. This includes but is not limited to any activity designed to purposefully trick other users out of whatever assets they may hold, as well as any attempts to deceive other users as to information important to a sale, trade, or promotion. Glamily will also not support its platform being used for online gambling or games involving real money. Finally, Glamily will not tolerate users attempting to sell illegal or otherwise regulated substances through its platform. Any attempts to do so will result in a permaban as well as the relevant legal authorities being contacted. This guideline still applies to substances that may be legal within your locality but are controlled in different parts of the nation(s) you are selling across. We ask that you find other methods by which to sell such substances. 

  • Other Illegal activities 

Content that promotes illegal activities will be removed. Exceptions may be provided for content that provides educational, scientific, or artistic value, and/or is otherwise newsworthy. Such content must be appropriately labeled before being uploaded.

Post your own content

Do not post anything you don’t have the intellectual property rights for. This could, for example, be video or other media you copied and/or collected from another user and reuploaded without their permission. Other people’s content may be used, however, within Fair Use laws.

Threats, Violence, and Graphic Content

Encouraging or advocating for violence is absolutely prohibited on Glamily, as are threats of any form or magnitude. Never threaten to harm people or property. Never allow public safety to be put at risk. Do not by any means post sadistic, violent and/or graphic content to either humans or animals. If you are undergoing a crisis we strongly encourage you to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or visit its website. ( Encouraging or urging self-harm, as well as otherwise targeting users vulnerable to self-harm, will result in an immediate permaban.

Bullying and Harassment

Bullying and harassment will not be permitted. This includes but is not limited to any content intended to degrade or shame users. At its most extreme, it covers blackmail and doxing (the practice of publicly releasing someone’s private information). Any such attempts should be reported immediately and will result in an instant permaban for offenders. If you are having issues with specific users, we recommend first blocking them. If you continue to have issues with them, whether it be through their using secondary accounts or other means, we ask that you reach out to us at with a description of your experiences, whereas we will work with you to resolve whatever issues you’re having in a speedy fashion.

Hate Speech & Misinformation

Any content discriminating based on race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disease/disability and/or other traits and statuses will not be tolerated. We want to foster a safe and diverse platform.  For this reason, extreme slurs and/or other derogatory terms will not be permitted. Again, exceptions may be provided for content that provides educational, scientific, or artistic value, and/or is otherwise newsworthy. As said before, such content must be appropriately labeled before being uploaded. Please use your discretion.

Integrity and Authenticity

Our community does not allow spamming or the impersonation of other people. Accounts deemed to be dedicated to either will be permabanned. A single user’s alternate accounts are not considered impersonation. Fan accounts are also not considered impersonation but should be clearly recognizable as fan accounts. Attempts to artificially manipulate platform metrics, whether it be your own, other user’s, or overall Glamily metrics, are also not allowed. This includes but is not limited to the usage of bots, exploits or hacking. Users that report exploits to the Glamily team will be appropriately rewarded. Brigading, the practice of fandoms or other groups en mass engaging with content usually separate from them, is permitted so long as it’s positive. Malicious and/or hostile brigading will result in investigations and appropriate punishment for instigators.

Respect the Rules

Any attempts to circumvent or undermine either Glamily’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service will result in serious disciplinary action. Do not attempt to do so.  If you believe a rule is unfair or misguided, feel free to email us. We will never punish or censor good faith criticism within Glamily’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

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