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Brand Guidelines

Hey there! We appreciate your getting to know more about how you can and can’t use our branding.

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  • All use must comply with Glamily’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

  • Glamily assets should never be used in a for-profit manner. This includes but is not limited to selling unofficial Glamily merchandise, displaying the Glamily logo as the most prominent branding aspect of anything, and/or making Glamily assets a significant part of an advertising or outreach campaign.

  • Do not indicate or otherwise imply a partnership of any kind with Glamily by use of our resources unless it has been pre-arranged with us.

  • Any uses of Glamily assets beyond personal use or educational purposes must be subject to review. You can submit a Request For Use here. If you are a media entity, you should instead submit the Media Request For Use form here. Glamily reserves the right to deny anyone’s request for any reason.

  • Apps and other services compatible or otherwise engaging with Glamily should meet the following sub-guidelines:

    • Use its own unique name

    • Use its own unique logo, app icon, etc.

    • Be unmistakable not Glamily and should openly state that it is a ‘Glamily Companion App’ or something similar

  • Any attempts to portray Glamily’s brand in a negative light or context will not be tolerated and will result in one’s right to use any Glamily assets being immediately revoked for the foreseeable future.

  • Any attempts to use Glamily assets specifically for imitation will result in one’s right to use any Glamily assets being immediately revoked indefinitely and may lead to legal action.

  • Loopholes such as using resources uncanningly similar to Glamily assets will not be tolerated.


Style Guidelines

  • All use of Glamily assets should only use those resources provided in our Brand Resources below.

  • Glamily’s Brand Resources may be resized, but should always keep the same dimensional ratio.

  • Any use should not misspell Glamily and should always leave Glamily capitalized.

  • Do not translate Glamily into other languages.

  • Do not use any slang terms/phrases to refer to Glamily.

  • Do not split up the word Glamily, e.g. “Glam-ily” or “Glam ily”. Always keep Glamily’s name whole.

  • Do not change Glamily’s typography whatsoever when presenting it. You may use whatever font you prefer when writing about Glamily.

  • Do not change the color or tone of Glamily assets whatsoever.

  • You may place Glamily assets next to other brands’ assets but do not make ‘mashups’ or otherwise distort Glamily’s brand by its inclusion with and/or next to said other brands’ assets.

  • As a corollary to 7 please provide sufficient space and clarity between Glamily assets and other resources, as well as any background Glamily assets might be on.


Brand Resources

    [sub-section] Typography

Thank you so much!

Have any questions? Contact our Customer Support Team here.

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