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Music Guidelines

Glamily, a company values all artists, creators, and owners of intellectual property, commits to supporting protection of intellectual properties and original creating. We respect intellectual property of those who own or control music copy rights and who make music. Glamily also ask all users to follow music guidelines in our community. This supplement terms applies when you post or share a video contenting music content on any Glamily products.

People use Glamily to share their experience and content with their friends and family. Users remain responsible for contents including music in posted videos.  Using unauthorized music for commercial or non-personal purposes will violate Glamily’s policies. We do not allow any content that infringes copyright.

At some time, there are exceptions of  unauthorized uses of copyrighted content comprise an infringement, however, you have to follow the fair use doctrine and other laws.

Any content that infringes other’ copy right may be blocked and reviewed by the copyright owner, and removed.  If the account has multiple violations of music guidelines, brand guidelines, community guidelines and terms of services, this account will be suspended or terminated. Glamily will reserve the right to refuse any account holder to open a new account if he/she was used to violate Guidelines and terms.

We are continuing to improve our platform and look forward to bond with creators, artists, musicians, and share this great platform to people who want to express themselves.

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