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Glam up!


The first short video community for Beauty. 


SHARE your stories on how to glam up your own kind of beauty. Creators, like you, are the soul of the Glamily community. Glamily is built to help grow your impact and celebrate your creativity!! 


GET INSPIRED by watching videos of the latest trends. Glamily’s community is full of creativity, curiosity, respect, openness, and collaboration. 


EARN REWARDS for your great videos and engagement with the community. Glamily’s success is our community’s success, we succeed together! Be sure to refer your friends and fans to join the Glamily journey and earn even more!


RECOMMEND PRODUCTS you love! You work hard to find the best products. Glamily makes sharing your favorites easier. Any product you review can be directly linked through your posts and videos, making it easier to share your recommendations.

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Glamily is the world's first short video community for Beauty

Find the inspirations you need in order to glam up, instantly purchase products featured in the content you see, and earn rewards in a fun and seamless way.


Why Glamily?

Everyone wants to be glamorous, but without the right tools, pursuing glamour can be expensive and time-consuming.

Have you ever spent too much time and money searching for the right beauty product? Have you ever regretted that those products you purchased weren't the best? As a beauty expert, are you seeking new ways to excite your fans?

If your answer is yes for any of these, Glamily is the app for you!

Glamily is a community for you to learn and share ideas from. Our vision is a thriving space for beauty knowledge fostering inspiration and innovation.






What makes Glamily different?

Glamily uses intelligent solutions made possible by AI-technology to connect consumers, influencers and brands more efficiently. We leverage data analytics to enhance our customers' personalization, as well as better integrate influencer content and marketing.


Features Designed for Brands


Insta Shop

Glamily is building the future of experiential commerce. Every post and share our users discover while on Glamily is shoppable.


Go Viral

Your own customers are one of the most powerful assets you have. Glamily allows you to grow your brand organically: your content will be spread and discussed by your fans, allowing it to go viral across social media. 


Keep Up with AI

Glamily is a pioneer in the beauty space, using intelligent solutions to better connect consumers, influencers, and brands. Each user's experience is unique and tailored to them using data driven analytics.

Let's partner up!

What does Glamily believe?

Today's online competition is fierce. Simply having a presence and acceptably pleasing web store is no longer enough to stand out. Ultimately, we believe that success comes down to trust. Moreover, we believe that people have trust in their own personal relationships, as well as organic word-of-mouth.


According to Nielsen, 92% of people trust recommendations from friends and family over any other type of advertising.

Beyond friends and family, 88% of people trust online reviews written by other consumers as much as they trust recommendations from personal contacts.

Finally, 74% of consumers identify word of mouth as a key influence in their purchasing decisions.

But only 33% of businesses actively seek out and collect reviews.

Why do Brands love Glamily?


Glamily is an innovative social shopping community built for the Beauty industry. With influencer marketing services directly embedded in its platform, discovering and connecting with influencers interested in your brand has never been this easy. Glamily can efficiently help you boost your sales, grow brand awareness, reach new audiences, drive lead generation, improve brand loyalty and advocacy, and increase customer loyalty.


Glamily is building the future of experiential commerce. People come to Glamily to share content, get inspired, and discover new beauty products. Every post users see on Glamily is shoppable. Glamily is the perfect sales pipeline by which your followers and customers from other social media platforms can directly engage with and buy your products.


When you join Glamily, you’ll be able to instantly launch a FREE gift marketing campaign! All you need to do is prepare your products and ship them to us and we'll help you distribute the products to interested influencers. Influencers who receive your gifts will create attractive content featuring your products to their followers, sharing their feedback and impressions. Glamily can also support your brand by thoroughly measuring the results of your campaign in a precise manner so that you can improve upon future influencer marketing campaigns.

Glamily is built for Influencers

Your Story, 

Inspire Others 

Glamily helps you turn your passion into a successful career!

Welcome to Glamily, a community dedicated to beauty and their discovery. Glamily’s goal is to build a platform efficiently connecting influencers, brands, and consumers. Our high-tech solutions create close bonds between everyone and allow for everyone to benefit.

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Spread your influence!
Glamily is a great platform for you to grow your influence and further connect with your followers. We personalize our in-app experience to best fit each user and better direct them to the topics they're interested in. This feature can greatly increase the rates at which people discover you. Glamily also provides integration with other social media platforms by which you can cross-post with them simultaneously.

An easier way to share products!

As an influencer, you work hard to make sure you're using and providing recommendations for only the best products. We make the other part of your job, sharing, easier: any product you review can be directly linked through your posts, making it easier for users to engage with them.

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Colorful Diamond

Free gifts on us!

As an Glamily user, you receive access to free products from some of the world's best-known brands! Glamily offers many opportunities for you to apply for free items from leading brands across all kinds of beauty products. This is your chance to connect with these brands and create business opportunities! We also have rewards that you do not need to apply for and are based solely based on how you engage with the app. We'd love to have you as part of our community, come join us here at Glamily!

Let's partner up!

Partnering with Glamily puts your branded products in the hands of passionate, relatable Key Opinion Consumers who present engaging, honest video reviews.

Our partnership model makes it easy for you to get live with social commerce and get the community talking about your brand. Get in touch and say hello!

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